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Inside TEN’s 360: An Overview

TEN’s 360 is one of the most versatile digital advertising agencies of Bangladesh. TEN’s 360 was founded with the goal of helping clients thrive in today’s highly competitive marketing and tech environment. TEN’s 360 is an one stop marketing service provider which provides all kinds of marketing services targeting to brand any product/service on digital and offline platform. While other companies rush to abandon traditional marketing in favor of digital techniques, TEN’s 360 have bolstered their offline marketing capabilities while expanding their team with professionals to support their client’s digital needs. At TEN’s 360 they rely on three core values to drive success:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Dedication

These three pillars form the foundation for everything they do on behalf of their clients. When a company partner with TEN’s 360, they are choosing a one stop marketing solution service provider that is dedicated to protect and grow your brand/company/services. Located in 43, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka, TEN’s 360 promises to be one of the most creative marketing agencies in Bangladesh.  They started the company small none the less now a vast venture with different merchandise products like posters, stickers, badges, mugs, etc. by opening a facebook page. Upon receiving promising feedback to their merchandising business and they are on the verge of expanding their business. Currently they are divided into three sections, the marketing team, the merchandising team and the web development team. The marketing team looks after all the digital necessities of a client on the other hand; the merchandising team handles all the offline necessities. The 3rd team deals with all the IT and the web solutions like the development and maintenance of the website and apps. Among the digital section, Planning long term and short term marketing campaign for the clients, Facebook page management, preparing customer engagement reviews, negotiations on various digital deals, client servicing or query management, Media buying are very prominent. Facebook is one of the most popular media platforms now a day. Every person of the country has an access to the internet one way or the other. Hence marketing through the Facebook is the best medium to reach the common mass. But, apart from Facebook, there are also various social media platform such as Instagram, SnapChat, Linked In and Google Ads which the agency specializes on. This is what every company wants now a day to reach to their potential customers. The other thing that matters is being very trendy with the marketing campaign, in order to grab the maximum attention. Here where various company look for the most versatile agencies. This is where the agency comes in play with their creative ways to grab the attention of the customers. With their creative static posts, to videos to various campaigns is the part of their digital marketing strategy that creates a very deep attention to the common mass. On the other hand, on accounts of the offline marketing TEN’s Posters and Merchandise comes in play. They have a wide range of products for offline marketing campaigns. For example, banners, posters, visiting cards, badges and wristbands and so on. With these offline and online marketing strongholds TEN’s 360 has been providing a 360 degree marketing solutions for company like RANGS, BRAC University, OnePlus Bangladesh ltd, Anker Bangladesh ltd, Amazfit Bangladesh ltd, numerous restaurants and many, many more companies. With their future endeavors intact and with a very clear vision and mission, TEN’s 360 will one of the leading digital marketing agencies of the country.