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Cooperative Association

Manobee is a multipurpose cooperative association for women, by women. Manobee provides their services in three core aspects- 1. Hostel; 2. Health and 3. Beauty.

Client Manobee
Designer TEN’s 360
Objective Online & Offline Presence


Manobee asked for a complete marketing solution including both online and offline platforms since they are providing services in different different sectors.


For Manobee our targeted audience was the working-class women of Dhaka, our target was to reach them through online and offline promotions. For online promotion we divided our contents into three different parts- 1. Hostel facilities; 2. Gym facilities and 3. Beauty facilities. We created on the basis of these three elements which circulated though the month. We designed their logo and created their entire Facebook page. For offline promotion we created brochures to reach the larger amount of tg.


Since this was Manobee’s very first attempt, it is safe to say that the reach gradually not frantically. Now the page has more than thousand engagements and page hits.

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