Misfit Technologies LTD

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Misfit Technologies LTD is a tech company that has various subsidiaries that is currently operational in Bnagladesh, Myanmar and Singapore.

ClientMisfit Technologies LTD
DesignerTEN’s 360
ObjectiveSocial Media Marketing


Alice Labs and Smartbees are two subsidiaries of Misfit Tech that has been operational in Bangladesh and is the partner of TEN’s 360. Alice Labs is a Conversational Artificial Intelligence Platform. This helps one to build a chatbot that can be designed to have a conversation with people through facebook messenger and viber. On the otherhand, Smartbees works as a market researcher through facebook or other social platforms with the help of distributing various forms among the people.

Misfit Tech, wanted to utilize its digital channels of Alice Labs and Smartbees to bring in more footsteps in their scene. By carefully planning digital and overall marketing strategy for Alice Labs, TEN’s 360 is serving the brand efficiently and cost effectively. From selecting the monthly digital contents to providing online promotions we worked in a 360° way. For the online promotion we set their whole digital content for the month on the page of Alice Labs. We conceptualized month to month contents based on the Unique Selling Propositions (USP) they are offering to the clients. We have also opened a group for the chatbot users where free discussions and various informative links are being provided to build up the community of users. This group has been set up from the scratch by TEN’s 360 and is being maintained properly.

We had on an average 2k-3k reach on each of the posts of the page of Alice Labs. And as only the media buying is done for smartbees, their reach comes up to 200k-300k.

Services Provided:
Digital Content Design, Digital Strategy and Plan, Digital Media Buying, Digital Presence Setup for Group.

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