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Spicy Ramna


Spicy Ramna is an exclusive and specious buffet restaurant in Dhanmondi. It serves diverse cuisines which includes Thai, Chinese, Indian and Continental servings.

Client Spicy Ramna
Designer TEN’s 360
Objective Social Media Marketing


Spicy Ramna was looking for a way to put their digital footprints in social media which is why they opted for TEN’s 360.


The goal we set for Spicy Ramna was to promote their Unique Selling Propositions (USP). We planned monthly contents for their Facebook page focusing on the features they provided to their customers. For example, they provided space for corporate meetings and seminars, we designed a whole content on the basis of that, visual was designed along with detailed captions.


The Facebook posts were a massive hit. The page itself also earned a large amount of engagement. Also their good food provided them with a good amount of positive reviews.

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