Visa Thing!

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VisaThing! is a premium visa application center which provided visa processing and logistic support for over 80 countries having no diplomatic mission in Bangladesh.




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In 2017 VisaThing! wanted to launch a campaign for the unprivileged people of the society to make their Pohela Boishakh celebration a bit more colorful.


Our objective was to create a video representation through which the brand will be able to reach its targeted audiences.

Since VisaThing! was interested to help the unprivileged part of the society, first we tried to show how the privileged part of the society celebrates this national event to portray the level of discrimination using fresh and unknown faces. Then we visualized the scenario of the unprivileged portions. We asked our followers to help an unhappy face and share the happy moment with us which will be featured in our Facebook page to inspire others.


At the end of the campaign, over 200 people shared their happy moments with VisaThing! The video was highly appreciated and got a huge number of hits. Their Facebook page also earned a massive number of engagements and like which is over 30,000.

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